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Developing Young People Creating Opportunities

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Developing Today, Inspiring Tomorrow


Young Leaders Influencing Diverse Fields

Who We Are

What We Do

Our focus ecompasses the improvement of the local communities and the general population. Our core principles, positive values and experience is an integral combination of skills and experience that ensures our sucessful service delivery.

Our Mission

Inspired Futures endeavor to support, assist and inspire the Community through positive involvement.
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Our Team

See the team and staff that contribute and operate Inspired Futures

Programmes and Projects



Developing self- esteem, communication skills and the ability to be articulate, opinionated and expressive.



Exploring options and aspirations. Exclusive university visits & employment experiences.



Bespoke programmes. Empowering motivated and successful students.

Our Impact in Numbers

Our impact programmes are designed to inspire and encourage young people from disadvantaged and deprived social backgrounds. we are devoted to make impact in the right places that contribute to a sucessful future for those in the community.

Reaching Pupils in London

Delivered to 16 schools in 13 London boroughs

School Pupils

Delivered through several schools across Luton.

Received Assistance

Young people who received assistance, information and support from Inspired Futures

Our Patron

Bishop Rose Josephine Hudson-Wilkin

A great stalwart and campaigner for young people and deprived communities, she makes a fitting member, supporter and patron of Inspired Futures.

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What Can You Do To Help

We welcome all individuals and organisations that want to help or contibute to our ongoing efforts in inspiring the young people in the communities. We offer several ways to asist us in making an impact. Make a choice from any of the options below and feel free to contact us with any ideas that you feel maybe of benefit to us.


Donations – Make a donations to one or several of our causes or projects.


Fundraise – We run several fundraising campaigns throught the year and always welcome any help we can.


Volunteering – Take the leap and helps us out where you can. Volunteer to help out.

Channel Inspire

View our evergrowing showcase of short films, created and produced by some of the young people involved with Inspired Futures. Our  short-films give you a insight to the views on life and education through the eyes of the young people we help.

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Our Support and Partners

Our Dedication

For the special individuals that have made us commited to do what we do

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