How we make a difference

Our Impact

Our impact programmes are designed to inspire and encourage young people from disadvantaged and deprived social backgrounds to be sucessful. Inspired Futures have already delivered to 16 schools in 13 London boroughs, reaching approximately 4092 pupils. In Luton, Inspired Futures delivered to 8 schools, reaching approx. 3434 pupils (Statistics provided by Peter Sinclair, Flavasum Trust Charity and Steve Porter, Luton Borough Council).

13 London Boroughs

Delivered to 16 Schools in 13 London Boroughs

Reaching Young People

Approximately 4092 Pupils in London

Programmes in Luton Schools

Reaching 3434 pupils in 8 Luton Schools


97% of young people we connect with feel supported

Assistance, information and support

8327 Total number of young people have received assistance, information and support from Inspired Futures


94% of all young people engaged in our programmes have seen improvements in their lives

Our Feedback

Our results speak for itself but our feedback from the young individulas we help, propels us to further continiue our work. Read the feedback from our supporters and the young people we have helped over the years.

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