Meet The Team

Nathaniel Levy

After the death of his youngest brother Robert, Nathaniel turned his back on his thriving property business and instead began to address the issue of knife crime and youth violence in London. He began visiting schools to warn other young children of the dangers involved in carrying knives and other weapons and the fatal consequences associated with them.

Nathaniel and his parents set up the Robert Levy Foundation (RLF) which seeks, through community initiatives, to encourage young people to find appropriate and positive ways to channel their energy. The Foundation and Inspired Futures works with the assistance of other organisations to provide mentoring services, recreational activities, training and numerous other initiatives in the community for the local youth population to direct their attentions away from the allure of criminality. Accolades of Nathaniel and Inspired Futures (formerly FPEA) include:

  • Hackney Learning Trust Mental Health & Wellbeing Impact Assessment – recommendation for education programmes
  • Prime Minister’s Local Hero Award – schools Mentoring Programme
  • International Youth Programmes – Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Gambia & the US.

Donna Loftman

Over 17 years’ employment experience working with children & young people and vulnerable adults. Qualifications include: BSc(hons)Psychology Degree, Counselling certificate, Diploma in Youth Work Practice and a qualified Trainer. Employment experience includes: Employability trainer for long term unemployed, young people, lone parents and young offenders.

I have designed and facilitated a series of workshops as a strategy to engage parents and improve their relationship with schools, which was published by the TDA.  My case study was used in the ‘Parent Support Adviser Project – Resource toolkit 1’ to illustrate: the different methods of delivery used; what good engagement and engagement looks like and strategies used to engage parents that are hard to reach.

Previous roles and responsibilities include:

  • Parent Support Adviser
  • Programmes Officer
  • Parents Programme Co-ordinator
  • Education & Training co-ordinator
  • Senior Support Worker
  • Assessment & Support Officer
  • Young Parents Unit Co-ordinator
  • New Business Co-ordinator

Zakiya Smith

Having just gained a diploma in business management, Zakiya tragically lost her 14-year old younger brother to knife crime. After the tragic loss she redirected her life and started studying for a degree in midwifery, this helped her to have a closer bond to the community of Hackney and help to encourage new families into having a strong impact in their children’s lives.

Zakiya has always had a strong connection with her local community and young people, often being the one they turn to when seeking advice and guidance.

Becoming a new mother to a boy and then losing his father to street violence her passion for helping the young people of today has grown even stronger, to now joining the Inspired Futures team, to be at the forefront in guiding, encouraging and empowering the young Kings and Queens of the World.


“Donna & Nathan have helped me a lot and have been there for me. The Programme has been really cool. It has been something I have been committed to and has somewhat enjoyed. I like the fact that they hadn’t quitted. So it’s alright. It has been a pleasure.”

Mary-Anne | Skinners Company School for Girls (2010)