Inspired Futures have already delivered to 16 schools in 13 London boroughs, reaching approximately 4092 pupils. In Luton, Inspired Futures delivered to 8 schools, reaching approx. 3434 pupils (Statistics provided by Peter Sinclair, Flavasum Trust Charity and Steve Porter, Luton Borough Council).

“Donna & Nathan have helped me a lot and have been there for me”

Young Person

“That these sessions is to help us in life”

Young Person

“The Programme has been really cool.  It has been something I have been committed to and has somewhat enjoyed.  I like the fact that they hadn’t quitted.  So it’s alright.  It has been a pleasure”

Young Person

“Hi Nathan (IF), Apologies for texting you so late. I just wanted to say how fantastic I thought your assembly was this morning. Lots of students have commented on how moved they were and how empowered they feel. We have even had a student come and disclose some information to us regarding a student that carries a knife. Never have I felt so much respect and admiration for someone in such a short space of time. The strength and passion you showed today was amazing it must be so difficult to talk about such a horrendous tragedy that happened to your family.”

Graham Forbes, Deputy Head Teacher, Icknield School, Luton

“Just to let you know that Nathan came today and it was totally brilliant the girls and staff were blown away. The head of our Yr 10 has asked if he could come back”

Deputy Head St Ursulas

“The effect that Nathan and Donna have had on so many young people is phenomenal”

Mrs. Prime | Teacher, Primary School

“I just wanted to thank you so much for that talk earlier on i feel like being able to share my experience with someone that understands the emotional trauma knife crime can cause was so much more easier and to be honest actually a lot better and worth while. i jus want to say i appreciate you taking the time to actually speak and listen to me and to show so much respect to a minor you’ve barely even met. my mum also sends her respect, thanks and wishes for you selfless undivided time towards me earlier. Thank you Nathan, your an inspiration to me!”

Anonymous, Greater London School

“Nathan was amazing, the presentation was very well received and lots of students were taken back by it and stayed after the workshop to have a deeper one to one conversations about his experience.”

Farhana Akthar, PSHE Lead, Haverstock School, London

“The Youth Violence Prevention session was extremely powerful and moving. The young people aged 13 to 16 years old were engaged throughout, showing genuine respect and empathy. Despite the serious subject matter focussing on Nathan’s personal experience of knife crime, the atmosphere was positive and open, enabling the young people to ask questions and make comments. Many issues were covered including the power of talking about your feelings and worries, the dangers of retaliation and fighting violence with violence and the importance of family, community and real friends. As a Youth Offending Service Restorative Justice Worker, I would recommend this workshop for building young people’s understanding of the serious consequences of knife crime and the harm caused to the families of both victims and perpetrators.”

Sophie. Wilmshurst, Restorative Justice Worker, Youth Offending Service (YOS) London Borough of Bromley

  • 94% of all young people engaged in our programmes have seen improvements in their lives
  • 99% of young people We connect with feel supported
  • 8327 young people have received assistance, information and support from Inspired Futures

  • British Council (recognised & successful) international student exchange project
  • Oxford University inclusive entry initiative

Schools Mentoring Programme

  • Recommendation by Hackney Learning Trust Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment (MWIA)for education programmes


  • Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC)
  • National debate and review of youth sentencing – chaired by Baroness Scotland, Attorney General


  • EDF Employment Programme
  • Guy Chambers Initiative – Music Workshop

Nathaniel Levy

  • Winner of the Prime Minister’s ‘Local Hero Award’
  • Recognition by the BBC’s ‘Inspiring Future Leaders’ initiative
  • Evening Standard’s 5th most influential person (2007)