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Who we are & What we do

Who We Are

Inspired Futures was created to develop as a charity organisation focused on young people, the progress of their education and life opportunities. Our focus also includes the improvement of their local communities and the general population, through core principles, positive values and experience – an integral part of our service delivery.

Inspired Futures began as a voluntary organisation in 2016 supporting our local communities and from an outpour of requests made by young people who have been inspired by our staff and volunteers

What We Do

Our Staff has delivered personal development programmes, engagement projects, mentoring, youth advocacy and events across London and the world to support young people, adults, families and communities.

Inspired Futures focus and aim is for all members of a community, organisations, corporate and small businesses, education institutions, front line services, Local and National Government – to come together using various strategies to improve the lives and opportunities of our young for a brighter future, where every individual is valued and considered.

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